Bowman Holistic Golf for a FUN and LONG Lifetime!

Well, it depends on who you are and your epigenetic individuality. Did you know that Dr. Linus Pauling won a Nobel Prize winner because he:

  • traced the cause of all disease to a deficiency in minerals
  • since many minerals work synergistically through cause and effect can become like a spider web. IF you pull on one part of the web…the whole web shakes!

The mineral deficiencies have been demonstrated to effect the body in the same manner.

For a state of partial holistic health and a sense of…

  1. well-being
  2. high energy (and lack of fatigue)
  3. nutritional deficiencies
  4. optimal blood sugar regulation

So maybe try some “pink salt”. Put it on at least one meal a day and try to put it in at least one teaspoon in a 16.9 oz water bottle twice per day. Oh and make sure that you drink half your ideal body weight in ounces per day!  Also, DON’T forget to move and have MORE FUN!! Try our holistic golf program. Have been instructed in Hank Haney’s golf swing protocols (leading instructor in the world) many years ago. I am preparing to become a Hank Haney Pro- “associate golf instructor”. Get a spring tune-up by getting a NO FEE Initial consultation by going to to schedule an appointment. You will be surprised how much we can do inar01-hank-haney-head-down-0604over the phone and with video submissions.


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