Keeping it Real…Really

Talking to a neighbor of mine, she and her elderly husband are struggling with “food toxification”. I talked to her about how spouses tend to slowly but surely poison each other in their sugar/food addictions. What if you are suffering from adrenal fatigue and its effects on co-dependency? She is planning to have us get together to have the difficult conversation that she should probably NOT have with him on her own.

Pretty much the only way for someone to move ahead with their holistic health and wellness plan, that is sustainable, is to get the support of the other one. The other person needs to start their journey and go through their process. However, they do not need to nag the other one. Leave that up to the holistic leadership team. We can listen and support you through through your battle and get the right feedback to the other person, at the right time. Make sense??

The coaching concept should stay healthy and encouraging and full of co-created agreements of HOW they want to be encouraged. Just like bio individuality, it “depends on who you are”. Women tend to be more open to new intuitive concepts. Their brain works somewhat differently. Anyway, no matter how you look at it, if you like to have your nightly ice cream (point in case) that is ok. On the other hand, that could cancel out all else you do to detoxify. Just saying. Can be very rocky road to travel. Be patient. Take wise actions.
DID YOU KNOW? Baskin and Robbins could not stay together. One died early and the other got tired of hurting the people that at their ice cream and got out of the business and became more well himself! Example isn’t everything. It is the only thing.

DID YOU KNOW WE DO PHONE COACHING? If you can admit it…call us and we can help. Go to Break a BAD Habit Consultation -why wouldn’t you? Let’s do this! We can take much of the discomfort of detoxing from withdrawing from food and other substances that have you stuck.


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