The Right Heel in Golf

if you are right handed like me, you might want to try the Hank Haney Lesson that I learned.

Feel the pressure on the INSIDE of your right heel. Slightly bend and press in the knees towards the center. As you go into your back swing, start to rotate your hips around your spine. As you transition your swing into the down swing, your left knee should start back to the left and then straighten as you transfer your weight onto your left side. AS YOU DO THIS…you should have felt your inner left heel pressure pushing off WHILE YOUR HEAD IS PRETTY MUCH STATIONARY. The results? 

If you are like me the last 2 rounds of golf, my PW, 52 and 56 and 60 degree wedges have been DEAD ON with a very high launch angle! I was looking for them to go in the hole! It reminded on the old days back in my early days. BTW it has helped my swing in general too!


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