Extracting or Blending?


We just purchased a new “nutrition extractor” after giving our old one to our son, after 3 years of using it. David Wolfe was one of our instructors at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). We have no financial potential conflicts of interest here. It is a great holistic nutrition practice that can really help someone in the beginning especially, when their gastrointestinal health may be weakest.

Nutrition extraction is very important part of healthy holistic nutrition that enables proper nutrient absorption. It’s the mechanism the Ninja and David Wolfe’s NutriBullet. It uses its blades and 600 watt motor to break down fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and other plant foods down to their most bio available size and consistency.

Unlike juicers and blenders, “nutrition extractors” break down the cell walls (cellular level) of fibrous plant foods, releasing the important phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals that are contained inside. Simultaneously, they break down highly-beneficial fiber, pulp, seeds, and skins into a smooth texture, delivering food to your body in an easily digestible, bio available form.

What can be better than that? Well not much. It happens in about 30 seconds. Nutrition extraction is the significant upgrade from only “blending” that people have gotten from “blenders”. Since it creates a smooth, easily drinkable “smoothie-like” consistency and optimizes nutrient bio availability; it enables you to consume more fruits and veggies than you ever have considered before.

So, since, phytonutrients are the #1 deficiency in the Standard American Diet (SAD), then you can fix that challenge here. So take your holistic health to that next level, don’t blend it! Extract it!


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