The Teaching Paradigm in holistic Health and Holistic Golf

it is important for us as leaders to LEAD by example in whatever discipline that we are championing. As Caleb followed his mentor Joshua, in that “as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD”, spoke volumes to him; it was his actions that spoke louder than his words. Let it so be with us. Let our words be substantial and with the authority of field practiced mastery. And so let it be true words and hot hippocritical rhetoric.

Just yesterday, my junior golfer student Ransom Carlton, wanted to go out on the golf course for a playing lesson yet again, and that after wanting to give up. He was able to receive instruction And EXECUTE the bio mechanics of the neuromuscular training that his golf coach was giving him, on faith, that what he was already relearning and perfecting, would be effectual and it was! What a marvelous process to be involved with the magnificent obsession of GOD and people as the object of His desire. I AM a blessed man and am humbled by the LORD’S grace. I do not deserve it but I do receive it gladly. 

Since the character characteristics of the game of golf are taught and learned in the crucible of competition against mostly of ourselves, primarily, and the course, secondarily, and even sometimes each other as competitors, in a tertiary sense; it is truly The Game of a Lifetime. No matter how old you are and no matter what your level of playing proficiency, the USGA’s handicapping system, levels the playing field so anyone can play against anyone. But in the final analysis we are playing against our best self, if we will let that finer person be refined. So let’s study, practice, and teach good holistic health practices and develop our Natural Golf Swings, together.


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