Psychosomatic Disease and the Saccharine Disease?

It wa brought to my attention through Abram Hoffer, MD’s book that in Genesis 25:29-33, that there was the first case of recorded “relative hypoglycemia”. Go look it up!

He was so out of his “right” mind that he gave up something very important!! As they say, no one in their right mind would do that! It is a truism of truisms. So where does this apply in the 21st Century?

  • On the golf course playing the “thinking man’s game”.
  • In the laboratory, where you are experimenting.
  • In the office, where where you are conducting your business (no matter what the discipline) with others.
  • At home, with your loved one’s where there is even more emotional “feelingZ”.
  • Where you are (who is reading this now); what is your personal example________________________?

So get your protein (maybe deli cuts or organic tofu) every 3-4 hours, so your brain (most susceptible organ) does not suffer from the saccharine disease. What is worse, because you are experiencing “relative or reactive” hypoglycemia, you probably won’t even realize that you are suffering from this common condition! Get the rest of your regimen specific for you from our time together as we do phone consultations…

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