Mike Bender must be Proud!

Mike Bender is Zack Johnson’s golf coach and Zack just won the 2015 British Open! This major tournament is the oldest and has Ben contested for 144 years and the 29th time at St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland!!

I have learned much from watching Mike’s instructional videos that he sends me. I am blessed to be ready now to play in my first FSGA golf tournament on August 5th, 2015 at Walt Disney World’s – Lake Buena Vista Course. It is a one day Tournament and I will be in the 50-64 age bracket and play with my USGA handicap of 9.2. That means that under the handicap indexing system I do not have to take greater than the occasional double-bogey on any hole. If my handicap was 10, then I would at most take a 7 on any hole, under the Equivalency Score Correction (ESC) per the USGA Rules of Golf. At age 58, here we go!


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