Adrenal Fatigue got you down this Holiday Season?

When you become fatigued and dog tired and you become sick and tired of being sick and tired…be honest. Do you ever think that it might be adrenal fatigue syndrome? Probably not. Think again! Here is what Dr. Paul Bowman, Jr. C0-Founder of Bowman Health would say. “Besides getting outside and getting fresh air, sunlight and exercise of walking at least nine holes of golf”. Our daughter #KaraMarieBowman travels around the country and world as a promo girl for a paint-ball company WHILE IN NURSING SCHOOL! Do you think she has really good nutrition most of the time? If you said yes, you would be right. Now think of this…

When fatigue keeps popping up because of excessive physical or emotional stress, Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome (AFS) is seldom on the list of possible causes that most people think of. In fact, fatigue is simply brushed off as insignificant. So you can learn to support your adrenal glands…and then some. Some women should look at Dr. Lam’s video on the OAT axis. Then make a consultation appointment with Rosemary Bowman RN, HHC by going to 


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