Holistic Golf at its Best!

OK folks so here is the deal…Yesterday I had an organic spinach a garden herb wrap with spiced (especially turmeric/garlic /onion flakes) with Romaine lettuce -(Yummy) AND then went to the all newly renovated- remodeled The Golf Club at Cypress Head across the street from us. In keeping with the holistic health principle of having FUN and moving more;  I #carryingandwalkingWithmySeminolesNikeGolfBag. After hitting into the Callaway hitting net (off of extra thick artificial turf mat) and putting on the SKLZ Accelerator Pro in our home golf studio and then putting on undulating real putting AND hitting long bunker practice shot averaging 21 yards with the 56 degree wedge and 15 yards with the 60 degree wedge and pitch and runs with a 9 iron to approx. 50 yard targets on flat practice green and then teed off with 2 average older than myself golfers AND the FUN began!

  • HIT 7 of 9 Greens (77.8%) in Regulation (GIR)
  • HIT 5/7 fairways
  • Rolled 2 one putts

So who cares about the rest? What really counts is that I had consistency with my #moreInsideToOutsideGolfSwingDevelopment to #hitFartherAccurateIrons with more of a draw at will AND except for one “pushed” drive that was behind a tree, I had a #nearFlawlessRoundOfHolisticGolf. Do you feel me? This is what it is all about! By the way, getting the #hipOutofthewayAndRotatingThroughThe Impact has #protectedMyBackfromINJURY and I had a #greatnightsleep after that!!



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