Shirataki Spaghetti

Shirataki noodles or “white waterfall” have been enjoyed for thousands of years in Asia. It comes from the konjac plant (aka Konyahu potato) and is comrised of soluble fiber (glucomannon) which is slightly firmer than wheat noodles but has significantly less calories and carbohydrates-BUT TASTES GREAT! For those who are looking for weight loss…these noodles make you feel full longer.

Then try this…Next get your In sports medicine and sport specific recommendations (from our training from the National Academy of Sports Medicine) it is called Neuromuscular training  by talking to #DrPaulBowmanJr  too! Well, back to the noodles…So pair them with some of your favorite PASTA DISHES AND WITH OTHER FOODS AND TRANSFORM YOUR MEALS!!Schedule NO FEE Initial Health and Nutrition Appointment at #RosemaryBowmanRNneateats#Rosemary’sBowmanHealth#Rosemary’sShiratakiBalancedCarbNoodles.#HolisticGolfPerformanceSystems


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