Eat Walnuts in Winter?

Walnuts are a great source of protein, healthy fats, and healing phytonutrients! #EatThemDuringWinter. But make sure you eat the thin skin that wraps the nut it is loaded with polyphenols! We at #BowmanHealth and #HolisticGOLFPerformanceSystems know how to teach you to get well by finding your #NaturalHealingSolutions AND to find your Natural Golf Swing. Did we mention that walnuts  will last up to six months if unshelled and refrigerated? Oh and did WE mention that there are some good Omega-3 Fatty acids too?? Since they are rich in Vitamin E (active form is called gamma-tocopherol) and it will support good cardiovascular health.walnuts-in-shell-partially-in-shell-and-shelled


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