Demo Days at Orange County National Promoted by Golf Channel?

This morning a regular PGA Pro host promoted “Demo Days” at Orange County National in Winter Garden, FL about 150 mile round trip for me from Port Orange. Here is the problem. Was not permitted to get in after also walking about 1000 yards from parking spot along side the road for all the people going in. Why you might ask? Because I am neither a PGA Member or an officially sanctioned associate to the PGA. There were tour buses even unloading people at the “#PGAShow”!

Still not a real problem and just an inconvenience, because I don’t feel that I am entitled to anything in this life except death and taxes I guess. But then I started to think about it. Hum…my golf equipment retail friends tell me that sales have dropped off significantly in the last 10 plus years. And golf course operations and even course closures is rampant in the USA and people leaving the game! So today I also find that my old course that we lived on… Check out course deterioration pictures with the “Sandhill Cranes along 10 fairway”. Our old house is in the left background. You can find it at It seems to me that the community would like to save it, after the fact of its closure. WE/they need to save it if they are not going to make the same 20th Century mistakes in the 21st Century!! The old business model is unethical, in my opinion. It is mostly about money and eating and drinking unhealthy beverages in the clubhouse and exclusiveness and some other unhealthy practices and is not sustainable. However, It takes nothing away from the most amazing game ever devised by mankind, in our families storied past!

OUR HISTORY: You need to know that my DAD and I from my age 12 (back then you could not go on golf course before age 12) and (#WEspentMOREqualityTimePlayingGolf (playing golf on course and practice range) than any other activity! He passed away (Paul R. Bowman, Sr. a WWII Japanese Theater of Conflict soldier of the 13th Troop Carrier Squadron of the US Army Air Corp) on February 15, 2000. He died from complications from open heart surgery trying to repair damage from “lifestyle induced disease” associated with #theStandardAmericanDiet (#SAD) and extraordinary stressors of business and family life. It was an obvious surgical error. He exanguanated after being home for about 2 hours when we brought him home from the hospital. I remember saying to myself then, “there has got to be a better way to help people”, than just to help them survive their cardiovascular disease. I chose to eventually start Bowman Health and our Holistic Golf Performance Systems (TM) eventually. WE help people find “Natural Healing Solutions” to their health and mental challenges ever since.

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