3 or More Birdies!

I have found my breakthrough in moving the golf ball around with my rebuilt efficient-and pain free #holisticgolfswing 

The mind-spirit-soul-body connects through the Extracelluler Matrix. Since Factor M has been clearly understood now, anybody can learn to see how with 3 or more birdies in a round the mind and emotions can see clearly the possibilities! It is not the same to shoot a round of 18 pars vs #3birdiesinaround

The mind KNOWS it can do it…AGAIN! While you develop “Complete Restoration of Health” through our Natural Healing Solutions you can learn to rebuild your swing. You will have to persist until you can holistically accommodate the new image/picture. It is very complex. From a golf perspective I have shot a 10 under par round before many years ago. Of course being in the “zone” is paramount but you can hedge your bet to become one of the best holistic golfers AND being older. You could make the changes now and leave the intuitive golf to your #bestholisticself! 

Schedule your no fee initial phone consultation at https://timetrade.com/book/MN161


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