Do You Business in the Pot or Get off it!

I had so many conversations in the last couple of days I feel led to share some important truths. The Basis for Holistic Biological Medicine comes from the seminal work of Alfred Pischinger in his book the Extracellular Matrix and Ground Regulation. As a game changer, in cellular immunity; “Often only one but sometimes 2-3 monocytes factor injections are needed to break through this immune inhibition. A transient fever also appears in a few patients. In most cases the immunity is blocked because the patient attempts to suppress the cold for family what professional reasons. Fever lowering medications can do this, but only at the price of initiating the humeral shock reaction that persists for 2-4 months”(!-emphasis mine, p 155). It is even stronger in skull injuries/brain injuries!!
It is time for people to make changes or just completely retire and quit on life. Doesn’t matter who you are. For the first time it has been irrefutably proven as medical fact that if you palliate or suppress your discomfort by any means you will pay a severe price. Learn the true holistic alternative to regain your sanity and have “complete restoration of health” or not, pretty much. This is what is meant by fighting the good fight-for all TRUTHS. To do otherwise is irrational and cowardice. BTW, if you spend too much time with irrational people you will be sick too. Let go of the familiars.

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