Immaterial Science

To make Physical Science or Natural Science complete again one has to go back to the years of Natural Philosophy before there was a split.

Now the materialistic-mechanistic paradigm has been prevalent over immaterial-spiritual paradigm in centuries gone by especially since Bechamp was trumped by the “germ theory” of Pasteur and Koch. And Virchow’s cellular pathology of 1859!

Now that medicine is in shambles people are starting to go back to the truth!😀





On Course Playing Lessons!

This time this new student who is receiving his first playing "holistic golf lesson" had independently and coincidentally gotten his complete custom club fitting-FOUR YEARS AGO WITH MY OLD FRIEND AND MASTER CLUB FITTER AND DESIGNER!

He still needs to get his woods and hybrids upgraded though. That is where the integrative nutrition and holistic golf education comes in. Getting his updated fitting for driver, woods, and hybrids is a little different too-four years later. Amateurs need custom fitting MORE than touring pros because their swings are not as good and are more difficult to make compensations for. This is still true even with custom equipment. It is just not so difficult to make "unplayable" equipment try to work.

Have You Heard of Chuck Quinton?

Chuck is a master mind leader for rational and truly scientific golf swing development! He has done so much to help hundreds of thousands of golfers to come out of the delusional illusion of the traditional golf elites and give you the best of the LEFT SIDE DOMINANT (for the right handed golfer) mindset!! The DOMINANT right arm is not your friend in the GOLF SWING. Learn how to quiet your left side-on purpose. #bowmanhealth @drpaulbowmanjr #completecustomfitting #glennbelden #allequipmentmatters

Tour Specification Quality (TSQ) Equipment Upgrades

Stephen Racanelli did what many advanced players do to make their golf clubs better. The problem is until you have access to one of a small number of Master Club Fitters and Designers-YOU CANNOT GET A "COMPLETE"-custom club fitting, like we do with all our players…Period. There is NO chance that you can figure out yourself, even if you are a PGA Professional. The science and bio mechanics are too detailed to just piece meal. Now you would not buy a $1200 set of really nice tires for your sports car and not electronically balance them would you? Now that is what we do when we spine align EVERY NEW GOLF SHAFT FROM EVERY MANUFACTURER! That is only one aspect of a myriad of criterion. ANY OTHER PROBLEMS?

NOW don't forget that that distance runner female golfer the day before let herself get dehydrated and COULD NOT CONCENTRATE ON THE GOLF COURSE. Drink more DISTILLED WATER!

The idea here is to get to the point where IF you hit a bad shot (we cover that in our 9 hole playing lessons for a fraction of the cost) that is YOUR FAULT and NOT mostly the fault of the equipment! You probably were not consciously aware of the gravity of this problem with your golf game. #bowmanhealth #102degreehydration #completecustomfitting


Thanks again Paul for the evening session. Looking forward to the next one!

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